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Orthodontics Clear Braces

1- Book Your Consultation

Receive an expert advice and a 3D scan or dental impression. Choose your nearest practice online. Our Orthodontists will answer any questions you have.

ve their oral functions too.
Transparent Braces invisalign

2- After your appointment, get your treatment plan

Your individual 3D treatment plan will create to you. This will include a 3D simulation to show you the movements of your teeth and the expected results from the treatment. You'll also see which price package has been chosen for you based on the complexity of your treatment.

3- One week later

Our factory will manufacture your dental aligners. Your doctor will contact you to start your treatment.

SA-Aligner are the first clear aligners manufacture in Saudi Arabia specialize in making teeth straightening treatment focus mainly to be cosmetic thereby improving patient appearance and improve their oral functions too.

4- During your treatment

Use our WhatsApp number to Check-ups conveniently from your smartphone

Our team of dentists and orthodontist are always there for you. Our dentists will regularly monitor your progress digitally and precisely. 

الانفيزلاين في السعودية

5- Expected duration: is different from one to other

Your happiness is our success. Our satisfaction promise: During your treatment, you'll start to notice that the straighter your teeth become, the more you'll begin to smile with confidence. 

قوالب التقويم الشفافه
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